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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Kids Birthday tickers

A Mad Search

It was a pleasant morning as I woke up and caught sight of something. Felt so touched and appreciative. :)

Then, I went to Orchard Road by myself to do some stuff during mid-noon. It was planned to meet bbb in town, but I did not receive any calls or sms replies from him. I could only sms him and couldnt call him at all as I knew he had an important meeting and it would be bad if I were to call. I was chatting with Kenneth manwhore on the phone and was complaining about bbb's "no sms+call" action, as I walked aimlessly in town. Upon seeing the time, I felt it would be fine to give bbb a call and when I did that, I discovered it was switched off. I called his house and was told the phone was left at home!!!! I was like ??!!!....

I knew where the place he was going..... But it was not nice for me to enter as it was not a shop, but an office. Eventually, I still went to (outside the) office. However,I felt it was better not to enter to ask the receptionist as it would look bad on bbb and perhaps, his professionalism. If I did that, it would be of a similar analogy like the boss's mistress enters the boardroom and says that she wanna go shopping. Totally non-work related and not professional.

I went to look for his cousin at another mall, only to find out that he would be at the Wisma branch for a few days. So I walked to the carpark which I knew where bbb would park.. Ok his Vespa was still there, that meants he was still in Orchard. I really sighed with relief at that point in time. I wrote a short note and and left it there.

I decided to head down to Wisma to find his cousin. By then, I had walked a fair bit. It was really tiring walking up and down of Orchard. Imagine being stranded in Orchard Road, trying to look for your lover and thinking of possible places which you think your lover may be at? This kind of situation is very sucky and unlucky for one to be in, what more having to walk so much??!!! But I did! This is DRAMA for myself mann.

As I was walking towards the cousin's workplace, I saw a familiar figure walking towards me!! It was him!!! BBB!!!!! I quickened my steps towards him and I told my whole encounter in between sobs and relief, with tears welling up in my eyes.

I felt bad that I was actually complaining to Kenneth about bbb initially, cos once I met with bbb, he explained to me that he had forgotten to take out his phone as he was in a rush, and that he called me many times but I did not answer..... That solved the 7 missed calls from an unknown number!! I have to STOP putting my phone on total silence, or at least, activate the vibration function! You see, I do not have the habit of switching on my phone to sound. To me, it is rather irritating.

After a quick meal (for him) and drink ( for the super uber thirsty and dehydrated me), we made our way back... Only to come out again for a movie session at AMK Hub. We watched Red Cliff!! I dislike the fact that there is a Part 2 to the movie. Yes, I knew that there was... But imagine it was at the beginning of the exciting part and the words 'to be continued' appeared, it ruined my whole (excited) mood in an instant!! It was like..... A wifey performing fellatio on her hubby but stopped when he was almost touching the sky... Watching an exciting soccer game and your fave soccer player looks like he had a VERY good chance to score a goal, and you stopped all movements, stopped all blinking and STARE. However, he missed it!

I was telling bbb that this is the reason why I have never been hooked onto drama serials shown on the television! I always preferred those movie-movie kind (ie. Those HK movies shown on the TV for about 1.5-2hours kind).... I would need to sit down for about 2 hours more or less and I will get to the ending at the end of the 2 hours. Unlike drama serials, which I have to follow accordingly to the time it would be on air. I planned to follow the korean serial that is showing on Channel U at 10pm, but I don't seem to be able to stick to it. *sigh*

1 good thing that happened today: I got to eat my yummy Phad Thai again!! HOORAY! ^_^


Edited on 2 Aug at 2.04am:
I checked my comments and there was a comment by someone (a friend) whom said that my 'trust level in him is almost non-existence', just because I went to 'look for his bike, talk to his cousin and the place he goes'........ For those who are curious, pls click on my comment link and you will see the comment made.

In the first place, I guess you dont get what I blog, dont you, Ray? Bbb and I had arranged to meet in Orchard. And with no ways to contact him, I could only brainstorm/track back where he could be and try to find him. I didnt want to walk around town aimlessly, neither do I want to sit in a cafe and wait. Since I had time, so what was wrong about trying to find him?!! Of course, I knew he was not with any girls or what, cos I knew what he had to go Orchard for (-_-), so why the statement made by you to me about me being insecure and not trusting him? Dont you think its wrong of you to say that?

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:Simply Me: 7/30/2008 11:59:00 PM

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Job: Need 2 girls for company function.

Job: Need 2 girls for company function.

7 August 2008 (Thurs), 630-830pm, Raffles Place area.
But must reach 6pm for briefing and attire change
Pay: $80
Job Scope: Mingle and serve drinks in style.
Attire provided, but wear your own black heels.
Must fit into UK6/8 of the tube dress.

Email (name,age,height,vital stats) with your pictures to felizaong@gmail.com by 01 August 2008, 10pm!! No late submissions please!! For those who have ever emailed to that address, you dont have to email your details... Just email to inform me that you are interested for the job. Selection will be done over the weekend and as usual, the selected ones will be notified, and for this case, by 04 August 10am.

:Simply Me: 7/30/2008 03:05:00 AM

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Today's lecture was boring, I don't know why. Probably it was my mood. And as what Zi Xuan likes to say of me, that I am an emo person. Hmmm....

Sidetrack: The words such as, "kiasu", "kiasee" and "seriously" have been overused by my Organizational Theory (OT) lecturer, whom by the way slangs with an American accent. Reason being that he have been living in NYC for quite some time, before returning back to home ground. I wonder whether he is trying to amuse us by saying "kiasu" and "kiasee" in that accent of his, cos it does sound funny, all right!~ I look forward to hearing him converse in the Hokkien dialect, if ever there's a chance! I bet it will be interesting! :p

This was what I wore to school today. Zex even thought that I was heading for tennis after afternoon lecture! LOL! This would be considered a rare sighting of me wearing of such.... And it was just because I wanted to wear my sneakers today! :p

Zara Top, Skirt, Gucci Sneakers and LV Slingbag

LV Bag Model: Monogram Mini Lin Saumur in Ebene Colour
Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Saumur in Ebene Colour

And no, I did not play tennis after school. Instead, it was a little window shopping for me plus dinner with Johnny at Parkway, which was then followed by a KTV session for 2 hours.

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:Simply Me: 7/29/2008 11:02:00 PM

Monday, July 28, 2008

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Kids Birthday tickers

New updates... Read entries dated 20 and 21 July 2008!!!

:Simply Me: 7/28/2008 02:33:00 PM

Friday, July 25, 2008

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Rose Rose I Love You~~~

After doing my thing, I met up with bbb to have a late lunch with his parents. We went to have Botak Jones (Yishun) again.... -_-" I had cajun chicken this time. Bbb's Mum says the portion serving for the fries is indeed scary cos its too much. Usually I am able to finish all the fries plus my main... But thats only when I don't feel fat. Hahaha!

We actually planned to go prawning.... But the heavy rain stopped us from that. So we simply went back home first. Bbb introduced me to this bubble tea shop which pearls are as good as each-a-cup's !! And out of the 3 times I drank from that shop, I ordered rose milk tea for all 3 rimes. I love eating stuff that's rose-flavoured, so having the bubble tea in rose flavour was definitely a delight for me! ^_^

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:Simply Me: 7/25/2008 04:38:00 PM

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Bbb = Mr Phone (too)

Lunch with bbb at Botak Jones (Yishun). He had cajun chicken while I had Fish & Chips. My sides were coleslaw and fries, while his were mexican rice and pasta. The rice was super soft (not to my liking). Urgh.

#1 - Bbb's Food
Botak Jones on 24 July 2008, Cajun Chicken

#2 - Moi Food
Botak Jones on 24 July 2008, Fish N Chips

There was this guy who took our orders. Bbb was quite surprised that his name is called "Phone". We found it funny but unique at the same time. So when Bbb was asked to give a name, he said he's called Phone too. This reminded me of once when Bbb ordered Pizza Hut delivery... He gave his name as "King"... This is ultra (-_-")

#3 - Mr Phone Phone Phone...
Mr Phone :-p

Super Lame.
My face has not started peeling. But it does feel tight all right.

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:Simply Me: 7/24/2008 03:59:00 PM

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Peel Baby Peel!!!

After morning lecture today, it was a trip down to Orchard for my chemical peel and IPL appointment. It has been a few months (I think at least 2.5 to 3 months) since I did my last peel. It was not the right time then during that period as I had either my job assignments or photo shoots.

The downtime for a peel is about a week. It was told to me that I can apply makeup the next day after peeling. However, I chose not to put on makeup for at least a week. Pointless to do so since the purpose of chemical peeling is to remove your top skin layer to reveal a new skin layer. So why should I "pollute" ny new skin layer? Don't you agree too?

So for this 1 week or so, my face will start peeeeeeling. I have to stop myself from peeling off the skin on purpose!! Grrr...

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:Simply Me: 7/23/2008 08:39:00 PM

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Bbb's Pre-Birthday Celebration

Saturday night was spent at The Pump Room, located at Clark Quay. Together with bbb, we met up with Philip and his female friend for a small birthday gathering for bbb, in advanced. It was our first time meeting Philip's friend and I did not talk to her much, unlike yesterday, when Philip brought another female friend for the Dark Knight movie and I really like talking to her despite the little opportunites we had to talk. Anyway...... At the Pump Room, we had our dinner and a beer each.

For 4 mains, 1 side and 4 glasses of beer, it was about $200++. Pretty expensive I must say. I would trade those beer for a bottle of wine, man. Lol.

#1 - My Rocket Salad... MY Fave! :)
Rocket Salad

#2 - Bbb's Tenderloin Steak... He commented it was normal...
Tenderloin Steak

#3 - I had salmon... and it was nice.. But I didnt like how the skin turned out to be... BBBooooo!!

#4 - We ended up getting a beer tower...
Beer Tower

#5 - Must be the effect from drinking the beer.......

Guys or Gals.... All love You!

#6 - I treated bbb to Flaming Lambo drink...
Flaming Lambo

#7 - Philip and Bbb Agreed It was A Fun Night! --- Ok, I said it myself.
Great Night!

We rested outside of Mac so that bbb would not be too intoxicated to head home. It was not only about his life or my life.... But if he loses his licence, he cannot fetch me anymore!!! Feliza hates buses, and prefers trains to cabs, IF ONLY the train proves itself to make my journey a faster one compared to taking a cab. Otherwise, cab wins hands down for public transport!

Speaking of which, Mum mentioned that she will give me an EZ-link card. Cos I dont even one and the current one I am having now belongs to bbb, since he no lnoger needs it at all. ( -_- )"

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:Simply Me: 7/21/2008 02:43:00 AM

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Bbb's Birthday Dinner

20 July 2008- Dinner with SO for his birthday celebration :)

:Simply Me: 7/20/2008 11:58:00 PM

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Bbb's Birthday Celebration (Actual Day)

For a second after typing the title for this entry and the words 'Actual Day' (AD) got registered in my brain, the thought of marriage comes into my mind. Ok, it is totally unrelated to Bbb's birthday, but AD refers to marriage-related terms like AD gown (the gown which the bride wears on the actual wedding day) and AD photographer.

Ok, back to blogging about bbb's birthday....

Bbb's birthday falls on the day which he had to take his wushu grading test, so that he can rise up in the ranks and upgrade to Yellow belt but with 2 red stripes. He had only a yellow belt with 1 red strip before this test. So even though it was his birthday, he still had to go for wushu class.

Hence, I decided to follow bbb to his wushu class on that day. Other than it was his grading, it was of course the reason that he is the birthday boy. Not only that, I supposed it might be boring to just have a cake and share it between him and me, over dinner (later in the night). SOoooooo... once he was done with his test, I quickly made my way to Bugis Junction and get a cake, so that we (his wushu friends and me) could celebrate for him after class! :)

Everyone knew that there was going to be a mini celebration with the cake even before class, cos I had to contact one of his friends to ask about the timing and all... So bbb was kept in the dark, all the way, only to know about it just before lunch! :p

#1 - Imagine my surprise when I saw him being presented with a red belt, and not a yellow belt with 2 strips!! He scored 100% in his grading so the teacher advanced him to 2 levels up! I bet he must have been very happy!
Yellow to Red!

He has already gotten himself a black belt in karate and taekwando, practised muay thai and wushu and won competitions... I am really proud of him. ^_^

#2 - Birthday Boy!

#3 - Bbb with his wushu master and friends!

#4 - Bbb and Me.
We also did the 'act that we are cutting the cake' pictures, like those taken duringmy bday party but they werent nice *booo*, so I post this picture up instead. He was trying to prevent the flame from going off, cos the wind blowing in was too strong!


#5 - His friends sais that he had to take out the candles in this way..... Hehehehe!
Bite It Off!!

So after his wushu, lunch and bday celebration, it was home for a shower. And then a little bit of sleep........... Before the birthday dinner that I planned, just for him and me....... Just the 2 of us!

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:Simply Me: 7/20/2008 11:49:00 PM

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Movie with Bbb: Batman, The Dark Knight

It was morning lecture for me today. Afterwhich, I headed home after that to get some sleep as I slept only a few hours last night. Quarrelled with Mr Z. Angry.

Evening. Met bbb, with Philip and his friend, Michy. WAH I could actually 'click' with her. I like. Nice girl. :) We watched The Dark Knight, at AMK Hub. This movie lasted for 2 hours++.... My bladder was ultra full halfway into the show, but I controlled! Hahah!

The movie plot was AWESOME. The cast was incredible, epspecially the late Heath Ledger who played the Joker. His laughter is really scary and he displayed his acting skills so well that one should be forgiven if one forgets he is Ledger.

Comparing to Hellboy, this movie is so much better. I thought that there will be another sequel to the Batman movie, probably with Two-face, since he appeared in this movie too. But he died in the end. I wonder when it will be Penguin's turn. He is so cute! :p

I came across this news article... Worth a read: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/09/movies/09halb.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1.

And the movie trailer... ^_^

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:Simply Me: 7/18/2008 11:35:00 PM

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Kids Birthday tickers

My Own Style... Oh yeah... Uh huh uh huh..

After the Hoyu's Color Kaleidoscope 2008 event, bbb sent me home. I am attending the morning class tomorrow. School is indeed tiring, even if I were to go for the morning or afternoon lecture. Tiring to go for morning ones as I have to wake up early despite having few hours of sleep. Tiring to go for afternoon lectures as my energy level is all drained out by evening after class, yet I have to brave the after-office traffic to head home. :(

Anyway I took some pictures of myself..............

Back Home....


Emo emo


My outfit..

I started to do my own hair show, with a little twists and turns. This is an amateur's work, or you can consider it as me having nothing better to do.... Inspired by the outrageous hairdos in the show....


Then I stuck this pink thing into my bun....
So hotty pinkish!!

Pink pink pink!

And when you wonder what the pink thing was, let me tell you now!
WAH its a pen!

2nd Look. Laugh all you want. :p
Distant Emotions

3rd Look. The Spastic Hairdo. Too messy to go out with.

4th Look. The Crazy Women Look.
I must be mad if I were to go out like this.

Last Look: The Scholar Loose Bun Look.
Good for the short me to have extra "height". :p

Look up!

Just to tell ya, I am very bad in styling my hair. I do not know how to do french plait, even though there have been 2 very nice girls who taught me. I do not know how to set those rollers on my own hair. And I dont even know how to tie my hair, other than into a bun or pony tail. Gosh.

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:Simply Me: 7/15/2008 11:59:00 PM

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Hoyu's Color Kaleidoscope 2008 Hairshow

I had a media invitation to watch a hair show put up by Hoyu at The Arena in Clark Quay. Thanks to the Reene, who is from the PR Agency. I RSVP-ed for Bbb and Kenneth Manwhore to come along too.


What I Wore For The Evening...
150807 Outfit

The 2 Guys! :)
Kenneth and Bbb

Bbb and Kenneth

Bbb & Me
Bbb and Me

The Green Hulk
Bbb the Green Hulk

The press kit came along with a bottle of Mallia Shampoo and a tube of Mallia treatment cream. Mallia is Hoyu's new haircare range for individuals to achieve 'a salon perfect look all day'. The packaging was in a faint shimmery purplish-pink colour, which I felt it was quite attractive. :) I have not used the products yet. I would use it, once I am done with the ones I am currently using.

Press Kit

Upon arriving outside the Arena, I was shocked by the large crowd that was outside ,waiting to enter. Luckily, we could enter via the media entrance. Otherwise, it would prove to be a challenge getting in. There were a lot of people, which I deduced that they are from the hairstyling industry. One thing which I observed was 80% of them wore black! Kinda typical of hair stylists eh? I was also telling bbb and Kenneth, if I would see my ex-girlfriend here, as she is in that industry too... Well I did not.

The Arena

I felt that the emcee had an easy job that day. Afterall, he only (1) gave a short opening speech before the show started and (2) Introduced the respective people like Anthony from Anthony Hair Boutique, Hoyu's people, etc. Lucky Him.

The Emcee

The show started off with this ghostly-looking Geisha with the long and sleek black locks. She did a mesmerizing dance which was accompanied by a matching emotional tune. This segment (Moshi Geisha!) reminded me of a scene in the Memoirs of a Geisha movie, where Sayuri did a dance on the stage.


Next it was the Glam Slam segment, which showcased the modern Geisha look with edgy styles and bold streaks of vibrant colours.

She's WOW

Colour Xplosion

The next segment was Street Smart, which showwd the season's hottest brown shades on the hair models. Personally, I felt that this segment was a little boring. -_-"

Street Smart segment

Street Smart segment

Then there were 2 different groups of male models, which had either their hair and oufits that were done outrageously quirky, nerdy and mad OR to have some white eye makeup around their eyes, wth their hair dyed in obvious bright hues.

Mr Weird Scientist


During the Beyond Fantastic segment, I spotted this model with a good bob hair style. Bbb said that it was nice too, and will look nice on me. The last time I had short hair, above the shoulders, was during my Primary school days, all the way to my Secondary school days.... as my school enforced the shirt hair rule. I did plan to grow out my hair now, till my hips.... And afterwhich I will do a hair cut to above shoulder-length. Perhaps, this can be my inspiration. :)

Beyond Fantastic..Bbb says this cut will look nice on me. Hmm...

Then it was the Moulin Rouge segment which I saw the hair of the models got coloured, and somehow twisted and 'folded' to form all sorts of designs. Unique, I must say.

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

In between a few segments, there were 2 groupd of dancers that would entertain us with their dance moves, toned abs, loud shrieks and 100% wide smiles... But I was not very impressed.

Energetic Dancers

Another Group of Energetic Dancers

If the big hair trend was something that you can remember when you were much younger, you practically grew up in the 60s and 80s, where it was popular. All of the models in this segment had the eye makeup which I believed was tediously done with much effort. Kudos to the MUA!

My Fave Model of the Night
Groovy, Baby!

See the Eye Makeup! THUMBS UP TO THE MUA!!

The final segment came... Geisha Galore. You should not be surprised that 3 out of 9 segments were geisha-related themes, especially since geishas do give the impressions of a colour kaleidoscope, with thei rmakeup, their dances and their kimonos.

Geisha Galore!

Geisha Galore!

Geisha Galore!

She's beautiful here....
Geisha Galore!

Finally, the show ended with a walk down the runway for related people who made the show a success...... like Anthony from Anthony Hair Boutique.

Anthony from Anthony Hair Boutique

And the guys took another pic again...
As I was walking out of the club, I noticed large chunks of fake hair on the floor. I wondered did any of the hair fall into the drinks of the guests. LOL.
BBB and Kenneth, with the models. Somehow. LOL

We saw these 2 hair models when we came out of The Arena, and got bbb to take a picture with them. Mann, see how ghostly their makeup were! Imagine I am the hair model.. I go home on purpose with the makeup still on and wake my parents up from their sleep. Hahahahaa!!

Bbb and the Hair Models

And to end this post....
BBB and Me.... :)
Bbb and Me

Bbb and ME again!

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:Simply Me: 7/15/2008 11:08:00 PM

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